Beyond Agile

Increasing Success through Situational Knowledge and Skills

Beyond Agile is for project practitioners, PMOs, and business representatives who want relevant, high-value delivery guidance. The book presents a model that provides a context-specific approach from a full spectrum of project disciplines including: lean/agile, leadership/EI, plan-driven, and industry-specific approaches. Unlike scaling models such as SAFe, LeSS, and Nexus, the Beyond Agile Model avoids agile-myopia (believing everything can be solved best by agile approaches) and buffet-syndrome (taking on too much process) by being simultaneously broader but ruthlessly selective in its recommendations.

Also included in Beyond Agile is practical guidance on emotional intelligence and how to raise your emotional quotient (EQ). From the intrapersonal to the interpersonal, this book will help practitioners become better leaders and position them to be the leaders of the future we need today.

Written by Mike Griffiths, award-winning trainer, consultant, author, and thought leader in agile and project management.

„Mike combines his breadth of experience with modern thinking about leadership and emotional intelligence. The book combines the best of current wisdom with a new approach to delivering projects using the best of both plan driven and Agile practices.”
 -Cyndi Dionisio –  Chair, PMBOK® Guide 6th and 7th Edition; Author, Consultant

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460 RON

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