Cum am obtinut certificarea PMP 45 – „PMP Training was logically structured!”

Cum am obtinut certificarea PMP 45 – „PMP Training was logically structured!”
„Taking the PMP prep course with you was a useful and amazing journey!
Training was logically structured! The used examples were from day to day practice (not theoretical case studies). Building the support material in a step by step approach, directly during the training on a flip chart, was an excellent method.

Highly appreciated and useful was also the support, after the course! You were there for us to support with difficult questions, to provide guidance on how to approach and better understand the heavy topics (regardless is it was  week-end or winter holidays

RITA method focuses on the practical part: how you apply the knowledge on day by day job/ what is the approach that will really bring added value. In my case it helped a lot, to clearly understand the PMBOK (in my view this one  is a bit boring to follow :)!

It is an excellent method for PMP Exam!

 PM FASTrack software was useful in validating accumulated knowledge. I highly recommend to use it in both variant of PMP exam simulations. It help you to exercise the continuous concentration and focus for the 4 hours of the exam.
Hardest thing during the exam? Manage my own emotions! The difficulty of questions: proportional with how well you understand the concepts!
If you are aiming for PMP certification I highly recommend EDU and Ilie Dragan as PMP trainer!
In such a short time, it was probably impossible, to take the PMP exam without your course and materials!
 All the best!
Software Project Manager,
Februarie 2018″
Programul cursurilor PMP pentru 2018, se gaseste aici CALENDAR 2018 
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