Oxford Programme Management Conference 2018 _ Lessons Learned & Challenges

During the weekend, we had the privilege to attend the OPM 2018 Conference, an extraordinary opportunity to meet some of former SBS Executive Programmes Lecturers and Professors and to share ideas with some of the great educators and players of the programme management industry about the topic of „mastering scale”. A lot of powerful ideas, great talks and intriguing challenges were put on the table during the conference panels and on informal talks. In the faith of best practices, we let you know what were, in our opinion, the most important ideas and challenges, which arise from Oxford PM event.

Major Programme Management Context

  1. The need for Human Interaction; Connectivity is the real driver of progress and evolution (Sir David Higgins, Chairman, Gatwick Airport Ltd.; Chairman, High-Speed Two (HS2) Ltd.
  2. The major programmes infrastructure market is about 2,5 Trillion ( and the needed infrastructure is about 94 T)
  3. Construction is probably the only industry which negatively evolved over the last 70 years on productivity – it still relies on the „manual revolution”; therefore, „a huge opportunity exists in moving from 1.0 to 4.0 (digital)” –Dr. Atif Ansar -Programme Director, MSc in Major Programme Management, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

What about Digital Transformation Programme or Projects?

  1. Digital Transformation in construction means going modularized, digital, automated, simple and using platforms
  2. The key risk in Digital Transformation Projects relies on Technology itself
  3. A successful DTP put the customer first (business value), then processes, then DATA and only after software implementation. Technology is useless without valuable outcomes! Applied technology is the key! Maybe a new management function should be introduced – CRO – Chief Realism Officer 🙂
  4. Leaders should empower employees, introduce democratization and full transparency! Leadership ingredient could be the missing link even you have a state-of-the-art technology. One of the biggest challenges is the „WHO”. Therefore,  Prof.Bent Flyvbjerg
     recommendation was „HIRE Talent!” (or train from organization).
  5. Project management is a critical strategic capability! You have to prepare your organization for DTP! Train your people, increase PM Maturity and implement gradually („bite-size”)!
  6. Major Programmes need the full support of stakeholders! It is usual that a major programme implementation to include legislation changes and new regulations!
  7. The Fintech industry is evolving and the banks will be more and more present in our lives! Probably it will be a personal specific approach to every individual.
  8. The 3 most important things in a major programme are: initiating effectively, sponsorship and delivery
  9. Major programme success is about confidence, culture and challenging the assumptions
  10. Leverage trends, Become Data-centric, Focus on the user and Invest in exploration – as key success factors for digitalization in construction
  11. A major Programme means enabling capabilities + domain expertize + catalyst event/ idea/issue
  12. Technology is the starting point of a technological wave, not the end! The closing remarks were linked to „Productive efficiency and Adaptive efficiency should be the drivers of our next challenges!”. These were contextualized by Prof Marc Ventresca.

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Strategy & Innovation – Bucuresti, Septembrie-Octombrie 2017 #edufirst

Ne bucuram sa impartasim cu voi experienta senzationala de la cursul de Strategie si Inovare ( Strategy & Innovation Fundamentals – ILM approved program), asa cum a fost ea perceputa de participanti:

„Mi-au placut, abordarea si prezentarea profesionista, modul in care au prezentate informatii bine structurate si ca acestea au fost complete si cuprinzatoare pentru un curs de Fundamentals.”

„Am apreciat analizele prezentate la curs, modul in care se structureaza o strategie si utilitatea folosirii instrumentelor.”

Excelenta prezentare! Prezentarea exemplelor reale, actuale a facut ca informatia sa fie mult mai bine asimilata!”

„Experienta foarte utila in contextul imbinarii conceptelor teoretice cu discutiile practice si exemplificari din lumea reala.”

„Apreciez calitatea exemplelor complementare, explicatiile grafice pe  flipchart si energia depusa de Ilie in intelegerea si aplicarea notiunilor prezentate.”

„O experienta placuta, cu informatii utile si bine structurate. Per total un curs adaptat perioadei socio-economice in care traim. Am apreciat interactivitatea si faptul ca subiectele erau dintre probleme actuale.”

„Apreciez expunerea informatiei si faptul ca aceasta este inteleasa, nu memorata si ca trainerul incearca ca participantii sa inteleaga notiunile prezentate.”

„Sunt foarte multe lucruri care mi-au placut: materiale bine structurate, prezentare documentata si clar, exemple practice utile si bine ales, instructor profesionist si captivant, cursantii interesati, proveninf din domenii diferite, dezinvolti si activi in dezbateri”

Foarte bun cursul! Cu accent pe exemple! Informatia structurata si bine explicata.”

„Foarte practica utilizarea cazurilor de la Harvard Business School! Foarte interesante discutatiile generate impreuna cu ceilalti participanti”

„Mi-a placut ca, desi un curs de fundamente, prezentarea a continut foarte multe informatii! Trainerul a raspuns la toate intrebarile prin explicatii logice, iar documentele suport prezentate sunt exceptionale!”

„Cazul Digitalization at Siemens, foarte actual, a continut foarte multe din teroriile si framework-urile prezentate astfel incat am putut aprecia miscarile Siemens in paralel cu cele ale General Electric, si identifica cumulul de decizii manageriale care au determinat sinergia organizationala!”

„Foarte mult mi-au placut diversitatea informatiilor si tehnicile de implementare a conceptului de inovare la nivelul organizatiilor! Cazurile discutate, Digitalization at Siemens, Novartis, IDEO au oferit posibilitatea de a exemplifica aspecte teoretice discutate in sesiunea de curs pe un caz concret al unei companii reprezentative in domeniul sau de activitate.”

„Materiale si exemple foarte practice si cu aplicabilitate rapida. Experienta si energia pusa in joc de trainer sunt UNPARALLELED!

„Sigur voi discuta la mine in echipa modul in care putem folosi analizele prezentate la curs si in specil analiza strategica a segmentului si produselor gestionate.

„Noi vom implementa un proces de Fast Decision Making, dublat de strategii separate pemtru fiecare tipologie de client!

„De acum inainte vom introduce in procesul nostru, realizarea de analizele care influenteaza direct industria in care activez, in special in zona trend-urilor din IT si fortelor de negociere pe lantul valoric sau cel al inovarii!”

Multumim participantilor, precum si celor din echipa noastra care au facut aceste lucruri prosibile si va steptam la urmatoarele programe de Strategie si  Inovare!